Sightway Capital is the private equity arm of Two Sigma. Two Sigma began forming a private capital group in 2008 to provide diversifying sources of return for its proprietary capital. In January 2018, Two Sigma launched Sightway Capital, building on and expanding these established private investment capabilities and continuing its differentiated investment approach. Sightway Capital focuses on building companies in asset-intensive and data rich industries, growing those companies significantly in size and scale in partnership with experienced management teams and strategic partners and harnessing Two Sigma’s expertise in data science and technology as well as the firm’s significant relationships to enhance outcomes for our companies.

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Corrum Capital Management LLC is an independent, private investment firm that takes an active and asset-level approach to cashflow-oriented investing. In addition to commercial aviation leasing, Corrum Capital currently has active investments in railcar leasing, and asset- and collateral-backed lending, including lending to the sports and entertainment industries, real estate lending, and trade and receivables finance.

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